Thursday, 25 July 2013

RIP in Bexleyheath

On a recent visit to William Morris's Red House in Bexleyheath, I noticed the two ghost signs for Spiders Snooker and the shop that once sold radio, cycles and electrical goods, near the train station, had been covered with white paint. So now, instead of having two interesting signs that added a bit of colour to the brick wall, there are two ugly white rectangles.

If you missed the signs, you can visit the appropriate posts (links above) or simply look at the pictures below.

Location: Percy Road / Pictures taken in July 2009


Sam Roberts said...

First time I've seen that Spiders Snooker one, very sorry to see it and the other go.

Justin Moydell said...

The signs all have a very vintage feel in them. It really looks nice now that time has weathered the signs and make it look really classic. They look really great Sebastian! And some are even painted right on the bricks! I don’t think using bricks as base would be a very good idea nowadays, but they certainly were the norm before.

Justin Moydell