Friday, 11 April 2014

Valentine, Montlieu-la-Garde

When the colours of this ghost sign for the Valentine brand of paint were still vivid, few people travelling southwards along the N10 trunk road through Montlieu-la-Garde would have missed it.

For a brief history of Valentine paint, please see the earlier post about the Valentine ghost sign in Saintes.

The sign writer cleverly positioned the painter to the right of the window, making it look as if he were painting the only area that was not white yet.

Les belles

The painter was originally created by Charles Loupot in the 1920s. Even if his design was later modified, he remained the symbol of Valentine until the 1980s.

Underneath the ghost sign are the names of the two companies that managed successively this advertising space. The original one was the COFRAP. The second company, , which could be reached by calling TRO 15 57, was the AGPP (for Agence Générale de Presse et de Publicité). TRO stood for Trocadéro, a telephone exchange in Paris.

TRO. 15.57.

Location: Avenue de la République, Montlieu-la-Garde, Charente-Maritime

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Eric Caillé said...

Presque une œuvre d'art cette Valentine sur bois !