Friday, 29 January 2010

Essential French signs

It's been some time since I last posted some French painted signs. Therefore today you get three from the lovely small town of Saint-Savinien, on the shore of the river Charente. Although their design isn't amazing, they are very typical and you would find similar ones across the whole country.

First stop, in a narrow street that runs from the quay to the market square, the Maison de la presse or newsagent's. It's been closed for quite a while but the sign is still there.

Next, on the quay, is the Alimentation générale, one of the groceries found in town. Actualy they sell more than just food (fishing gear, souvenirs, tobacco, spirits, and wine) as indicated on the façade.

de pêches
Alimentation générale Fruits. Primeurs
Spiritueux -
Tabacs Vins

Finally, here is one of these quintessential French shops: the bakery. In that particular case the Boulangerie de la Marine, where you can also buy cakes and ice creams.

Location: Saint-Savinien, Charente-Maritime / All pictures taken on: 03/10/2008, except third one taken on 13/10/2006

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