Tuesday, 26 January 2010

F. Searle, and S. Johnson; Salisbury

As the train from London approaches Salisbury, passengers can catch a quick glimpse of not one but two painted signs. Not much to say about both businesses. Many buchers and fishmongers in Salisbury had lovely tiled fronts and quite a few survive around town but R. Searle's is not one of them (if he ever had any that is).

The height of the wall must have been raised since these signs were painted. I am reasonably tall but still had to stand on tiptoe to get the two pictures below. Even so I couldn't get the last line as the picture I took from street level revealed. Of course the flower bed didn't help to get any closer (but whenever railway staff do their best to improve the appearance of a platform, you don't want to go and sabotage their efforts).

R. Searle
Fish, Game
And Poultry Salesman
87 Fisherton St.

S. Johnson
Draper & Milliner
144 Fisherton St.
Next to Subway

This sign was painted twice using the same layout, only the second time it was about one-sixth larger.

The two signs from the street. The wall is only a couple of metres away from the railway bridge.

Location: Fisherton Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire / Pictures taken on: 15/08/2009 (first three) and 09/08/2009 (last one)

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