Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hats, Furs, Caps; Sangerhausen

I wonder whether the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks in Britain have led to a sharp increase in the sales of hats and gloves?
In central Germany, the need to protect oneself during the harsh winter months was clearly not enough to keep this shop going. No more "Hats - Furs - Caps"

Actually I don't think I've ever seen this shop open, and I've been visiting the place for the past fourteen years. As for the reasons why it closed, I can only speculate but a combination of declining population and high unemployment in the area certainly played a role. Additionally, although the frontage wasn't without its charm, the shop was undoubtedly old-fashioned!

Even though this isn't a traditional painted sign (I'm sure there is a proper term for this kind of sign painted or engraved on glass. If you know it, please, enlighten me via the comment box) I still post it because you won't be able to see it anymore. When I walked down the street three weeks ago I noticed the facade, which had survived for some time, had finally been pulled down. A house will be built in its place.

Location: Ulrichstraße, Sangerhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany / Picture taken on: 08/11/2008

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Wellwynder said...

Thanks - these are lovely. Great start to the year. More please!