Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Chinese painted sign

Even though the sun is shining today, more cold and grey weather is forecasted for the days to come... So, hoping that would make temperatures rise, here is a sign I photographed in southern China. That day we had almost forty degrees and humidity was high. Not the best time for going cycling but the absolutely amazing surrounding landscape of karst peaks rising above rice paddies was defintitely worth the sweat.

Unfortunately my Chinese is pretty non-existent so I can't translate what has been painted on this wall. I think the two characters on the left mean "China". I would assume this is an ad (but not for China Mobile or China Telecom. I can usually recognize these) rather than a political slogan. Political slogans composed and painted by local government officials on village walls to promote the party's policies and campaigns can be found all over rural China but they tend to be rather simple, with usually only one colour, often black or white. Here we've got two on a white background!
If anyone can offer a translation through the comment box, I'd be most grateful :-)

Location: Jiuxian, Guangxi province, China / Picture taken on: 18/09-2009

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