Friday, 12 February 2010

Pulcinella, Battersea

The two weeks before Ash Wednesday and the penitential season of Lent mark the climax of the carnival period. The Venice carnival began last week and the one of Rio got under way today, to name but the two most famous ones. Costumes and masks are important accessories in many carnivals. Hidden behind her or his disguise, one can indulge in total anonimity. In Italy the characters of the Commedia dell'arte, such as Colombina, Arlecchino or Pulcinella have long been a source of inspiration for participants.
Unfortunately this Pulcinella won't be able to take part in any carnival anymore. A couple of months after I took this picture the name of the restaurant was changed from 'Il Cantuccio di Pulcinella' to 'Cantuccio' and the outside wall painted in a hygienic but uninspiring white. Shame.

Location: St John's Hill / Picture taken on: 05/03/2008

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