Monday, 22 February 2010

Zur Erholung, Meissen

For a city of 30,000 inhabitants, Meissen has an incredible amount of painted signs. Most of them can be found outside the city centre, on buildings that haven't been renovated - or demolished - yet. Below is such a sign. Originally a hotel or guest house, Zur Erholung has been empty for years and faces an uncertain future.

Zur Erholung
[roughly At the Rest House]

Erholung can mean 'rest', 'relaxation' or 'vacation'. It can also have the meaning of 'recovery' or 'convalescence'. All words that almost always imply a certain degree of tranquility. Given that this hotel stood next to a railway track, I doubt it was something its owners could guarantee. At least, from some of the windows there was a stunning view over the roofs of the city towards the cathedral and the Albrechtsburg.

Location: Plossenweg, Meissen, Sachsen / Picture take on: 20/12/2009

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