Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Brymay, New Cross

That's it! After roughly eight months, this is my 100th post. I hope you've enjoyed all those painted signs and mosaics shown on this blog so far. Today's sign is well-known (I can already tell you the next one isn't. Wait and see...) but I needed something to light the candles on the celebration cake.

Fading adverts for Bryant & May, the country's leading manufacturer of matches for more than a century, can be still seen in many places. These were painted after the Second World War. Their design is simple, the only 'extravagance' being the oval in which the company's name, in its shortened form, is written. It seems the company preferred to promote itself rather than the specific brands under which it sold its matches, be they Captain Webb, Puck or Swan Vestas (elaborate and colourful signs for the latter would certainly have been much more expensive to produce).

British Matches
British Homes
Save the Panels

As I have little time today I'll post more information about Bryant & May in a later post. After all, there is no lack of Brymay painted signs!

Location: Alpha Road / Pictures taken on: 23/07/2009

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