Monday, 5 March 2012

Coal office, King's Cross

The Victorian industrial landscape immediately to the north of King's Cross station has been undergoing dramatic changes over the past few years and once its redevelopment is complete, this part of London will be barely recognizable, even if many buildings will be preserved. These include the former Fish and Coal Offices, which rise over the Regent's Canal. This group of buildings, which housed the offices of the goods yards as well as some storage space, certainly dates from the 1850s. They were identified by very basic painted signs. Following the completion of the Great Northern Railway, goods from the north of England and Scotland were brought to the railway yards and warehouses that mushroomed in the area and transferred onto barges and horse-drawn carts for distribution around London.

According to the developers of King's Cross Central, the Fish and Coal Offices and the adjacent arches on Wharf Road will house a food and drink 'cluster.'


Location: Wharf Road / Pictures taken in June 2011


helen said...

Another wonderful find!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thanks Helen. Hopefully the next posts won't disappoint you :-)