Monday, 19 March 2012

R. Hewett Limited, Acton

Richard John Hewett started as a builder and builders' merchant in 1900, if the date painted on the façade of this house in Acton is to be believed. The workshop itself was located in Acton Green, a kilometre south of Acton. The company traded under the name "R. J. Hewett" and by the mid-1910 consisted of a partnership between Richard John Hewett and William Spelter Alger. This partnership was dissolved in May 1916. Three years later, Richard J. Hewett was back in business and The Builder could inform its readers that "R. Hewett Ltd" had been "registered on 13th January 1919 to acquire and carry on the business of builder and decorator." Therefore the ghost sign was painted after that date, on what may have been Richard John Hewett's home. Or was it? Richard J. Hewett died on 28th June 1935. At the time of his death, he lived in Creswick Road, a few streets away from the house below. The death of its founder did not mark the end of the company, which continued trading possibly under the leadership of Richard's two sons, Frank Walter and Arthur Cecil. It seems R. Hewett Ltd left the Cleveland Works in Acton Green in the 1950s and moved to Britannia Way, Park Royal. The last time the company's name appeared in a publication currently available online was in 1962, in Country Life.

R. Hewett, Limited.
Builders & Decorators
Contractors for Renovations,
Drainage & Alterations.
Cleveland Works, Acton Green, W.4.
Phone 37 Chiswick

Location: Langley Drive / Pictures taken in July 2011

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