Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Distillerie, Rochefort

Located near the former arsenal and harbour of Rochefort in the French département of Charente-Maritime, this distillery may have done quite a lot of business with the navy.


A closer look reveals this ghost sign was painted over an earlier one but I haven't managed to decipher anything more than a few letters. Additionally, even though it isn't clearly visible at first sight, what may have been the name of the distillery appears in an oval on the left.

La Corderie

This name was taken from the Corderie royale, the town's most famous building, situated just across the road and defense wall from the distillery. This remarkable landmark was built between 1666 and 1669 on a sill plate made of oak floating on mud. As the name suggests, this was where the ropes for the vessels of the French navy were manufatured. Rope-making continued until 1928. Nowadays the 374 metre-long Corderie houses the Centre International de la Mer.

Location: Rue Pierre Toufaire, Rochefort, Charente-Maritime / Picture taken in August 2011

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helen said...

Wonderful find and such a lovely old building.