Thursday, 1 March 2012

R.I.P Canham, East Sheen

I already posted a picture of the Canham ghost sign below a couple of years ago but if I revisit it today it is because, alas, it is no more. As I was walking along Sheen Lane I noticed the brick façade of the building as well as the side wall where the ghost sign was located had been given a thick coat of paint. What a shame!
As a result of this act of vandalism, all that is left of this former draper and haberdasher's is a window with a list of some of the products available engraved. The shop was located at the corner of Sheen Lane and St Leonard's Road, fifty metres away from the ghost sign. Since then the building has been divided between a cafe/restaurant and some flats at the back. Fortunately the owner of one of these flats had the good idea of preserving the original window. I suppose there were more like this one, listing other goods sold by Canham, but they are all gone.

& Ha... [Haberdasher]

Location: Sheen Lane / Picture taken in May 2008

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Howard said...

Shame about the painted sign, but I guess it had to go one day. I'm glad they kept the window intact.