Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fruiterer, Croydon

Unfortunately I haven't found any information about this property that would help to fill the gaps in this palimpsest.

There are clearly two ghost signs on this wall but only one visible name and I cannot decide to which sign it goes with. This name is

D. Cur... [Cure? Curt?]

The main body of the first ghost sign reads

& Potato Merc

This part is slightly puzzling. Indeed 'Merc' would be an odd abbreviation for 'Merchant' and it looks as if there is half a 'H' after the 'C'. Did the wall extend further to the right? If that was the case, then the full name may have been 'Curtis.' However the building doesn't show any obvious trace of reconstruction.

With regards to the other ghost sign, all it says now is

And at
Coombe Park

Location: Church Road / Picture taken in August 2009

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