Friday, 27 July 2012

Pickfords, Rochester

Tucked away in a narrow street, this ghost sign is barely visible from Eastgate, Rochester's main thoroughfare. It was painted on what was certainly used as a depository.

The origins of removal company Pickfords go back to the mid-17th century. Founded by thomas Pickford, it remained in family hands until 1814, when the Pickfords, on the verge of bankruptcy, were forced to sell it. Its new owners expanded it, increasing its presence throughout most of the country. In 1933 Pickfords passed under control of the "big four" railway companies and in 1947 was nationalised alongside them. The Thatcher government privatised it in 1982. For much more information about Pickfords, please visit their website, which includes a history of the company.

Local Office
24 Railway St.

This address appears in a list of Pickfords Travel Branches published in 1977 in the Observer. There is no indication though when they moved in or out of these premises.

Location: Eastgate Terrace, Rochester, Kent / Pictures taken in June 2011


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