Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hodgin's depository, Fulham

To begin the fourth year of this blog, here is a ghost sign I discovered by pure chance last week while walking though the streets of Fulham.

I was passing along North End Road when I saw what, from far away, looked like some very faint text on a wall at the end of one of the perpendicular streets. Unfortunately there was nothing but instead of tracing my steps back I strolled through the little streets, turning left then right, and so on until I bumped into this building...

... and on the side was a large ghost sign!

For Storing
At Lowest Prices
Carpet Dealer.
Estimates Free.
Phone 1710 KEN.

Given the size of the building, I wonder how many motorcars could have been stored there?

"Hodgin's Depository" doesn't seem to have been painted at the same time as the rest of this ghost sign.

I also doubt the storage of different kinds of goods and the sale of carpets went hand in hand. Thus we may well have two ghost signs here rather than just one. Differences in style seem to support this.

Location: Chesson Road / Pictures taken in July 2012

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