Tuesday, 25 March 2014

C. W. Lindsay, Montreal

I spotted this ghost sign for C. W. Lindsay from the windows of our room on the 22nd floor of the Sheraton.

C. W. Lindsay & Co was a piano, phonograph, and sheet music retailer. The company was founded by Charles William Lindsay in 1877.

C. W. Lindsay Co. Limited
Heintzman & Co. Pianos
Home Furnishings

In 1883 Lindsay became the agent for piano manufacturer Heintzman & Co from Toronto. This explains why the name of that firm was painted at the back of the seven-storey building built for C. W. Lindsay & Co. on Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest shortly after it became a limited company in 1902. The mention 'Home furnishings' may have been painted later, possible after C. W. Lindsay & Co moved out of the building.

Two different ghost signs with the company's name can be seen from Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest.

C. W. Lindsay

The original one read "C. W. Lindsay" (there may have been more). The extra large letters covered the whole side of the building. However it became obscured when new skyscrapers were erected and the company had a smaller but much more visible sign painted in the upper right corner of the wall.

C. W. Lindsay Limited
Player Pianos - Phonographs

Lindsay's initials, part of the original sign, can be seen from Square Dorchester.

More information about C. W. Lindsay & Co can be found here.

Location: Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

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