Sunday, 30 March 2014

Vittel, Montlieu-la-Garde

Not far from yesterday's ghost signs for beer and vermouth is another one for a completely different drink, more suitable for drivers: Vittel. It looks as if other products were advertised on this wall at some point but the only one I could identify is for this brand of mineral water from the namesake spa town in the Vosges region, in northeastern France.

Originally the Vittel sign would certainly have included the mentions "Grande source" (the name of Vittel's main spring) above and "La santé en bouteille" ("Health in a bottle") below, both in white letters on a blue background. These would have contrasted with the red letters of "Vittel" on a white background.

Location: former RN10, Montlieu-la-Garde, Charente-Maritime

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