Monday, 31 March 2014

Leverett & Frye, Notting Hill

The building that stretches along the western side of Powis Mews in Notting Hill was once Leverett & Frye's warehouse and ghost signs for the company can still be seen at both ends.

Since it barely sees the sun, the ghost sign as the northern end of the mews is better preserved. Two overlapping ghost signs at least, for the same company, feature on this wall.

The most recent sign reads:
Leverett & Frye
Boundary Warehouse
Bottling Stores
Packing Warehouse
& Offices
Only a few words from the older sign can still be read:
... ...
... ...
Removing ...
In Lewes [?]
Goods Packed & Forwarded
By Road or Water
Removals by Motor
& 8 Elgin Crescent
... ...s

The name Boundary Warehouse certainly came from the proximity of the building to the boundary between Notting Hill, in Kensington, and Bayswater, in Westminster.

The wall as the southern end of the former depository was painted on three occasions.

Even what was written there has faded quite a bit, it is still possible to decipher a fair part of those signs but not necessarily to reconstitute each one of them.

Below is what I managed to read, irrespective of the chronological order:

Leverett & Frye
Boundary Warehouse
Removing & Storing
A... ...
Goods Packed & Forwarded by Road or Water
Bottling Stores
Removals by Motor
Offices For ...
Packing Warehouse
... 8 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill
1835 Phone Park ..07

Park, named after Hyde Park, was the telephone exchange for Bayswater and Notting Hill.

Location: Powis Mews


Elizabeth Crawford said...

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Elizabeth Crawford

Unknown said...

It looks like a roof extension has pretty much covered the ghostsign at the southern end of the mews. There's still scaffolding up at the moment, but it looks permanent.

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