Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Always on the best of terms, Balham

Yesterday I went though the southeastern part of the metropolis, looking for some new signs along the way, and taking new pictures of some I already knew (but this time I got better shots as trees don't have leaves yet). On my way back I didn't pay much attention and jumped on the wrong bus. Not that it mattered as it took me to Balham and gave me the opportunity to take a better picture of a Guinness sign. Unfortunately I also noticed that the one that stood next to it is now barely visible. It hasn't been damaged but a new block of flats has been erected close to the wall it was painted on.

There are clearly several signs painted here and it is hard to tell which parts go together.
Always on the best of terms!
... mum ever
...endly footing
To Furnish
There are a few more letters here and there but I can't make much sense of them.

Location: Balham High Road / Picture taken on: 07/03/2008


Sam Roberts said...

I'd seen the second of these before but not the first, thanks for sharing.
If you're ever over in Cardiff it would be well worth looking this one up before it is most likely covered by a new building alongside.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

You're welcome Sam. Unfortunatly it doesn't look as if I'll be able to go to Cardiff any time soon. At least someone took some pictures of it...