Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An inspector Dyson mystery, Burgess Hill

The mystery doesn't relate so much to what is written on the top layer of this sign, although the job title is in itself unsual enough, but to why this sign was written there and not a few inches higher, and to what could have been written originally...

Joseph Dyson
Inspector To The
Burgess Hill Water

First I thought I would be left wondering what the last line could be but a closer look shows it was painted actually over the horizontal 'break' on the wall. Even before the lower part was covered by a coat of red paint it must have looked strange!
With regards to the original sign, all I've been able to decipher are a few letters here and there but no complete word has sprung to mind. That will remain a mystery...

Location: Lower Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex / Picture taken on: 15/03/2009


Wellwynder said...

I love this one! Very odd. The words 'To The' are in a different font, which must be significant? And am I the only one who sees that strange, peeping skull under the 'O'? A coincidence, no doubt, but it somehow seems appropriate!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thanks Wellwynder. I can't say I see a peeping skull there, but the different font is intriguing indeed. Especially since "To The" hides some letters. So those two words couldn't belong to that early sign. Unless this wall was painted on three occasions.