Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brymay and Westminster Gazette, Ravenscourt Park

Once again there is more than meets the eye on this wall at the end of King's Parade.

The most obvious sign is for the Brymay brand of matches, manufactured by Bryant & May. Although the space available on this wall is by no means small, Brymay's characteristic yellow oval background had to be squeezed. If the usual proportions had been respected, the name would have been much smaller and consequently less noticeable by the passing public. Unfortunately the lower part of the sign has been lost under graffiti and then a coat of red paint.

This sign was painted over at least two other signs, including one for Liberal newspaper the

The other one is more of a mystery as the only part still visible spells:
The El... [?]

Also a bit of a mistery are the two words painted between the two windows:
Were they part of the text that went with one of the ads to the right of the window or were they used to promote another product or service?

Location: Goldhawk Road / Picture taken on@ 31/07/2009

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