Monday, 16 August 2010

Boselli's ice cream, Gloucester

Once more there is very little background information about the business that paid for this sign. The sign would suggest the company was based in Gloucester but Mr. Boselli and his ice cream van are in fact remembered exclusively by people who went to school in the 1980s in Cheltenham, a few kilometres from Gloucester. Apparently Boselli even managed to park his van within the school ground. Of course that would have to be the same Boselli and not a cousin and competitor.

Boselli ice cream ghost sign Gloucester
Ice Cream
58 & 60 Priory Rd.

Update: see Dan's comment for some information about the company.

Location: St Oswald's Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire / Picture taken on: 24/07/2010


dan tomalin said...

In 1973 my gramp len tomalin took the company over from mr john kilyan who founded the company and put it in his wifes maden name of boselli
The company stoped trading in 1989

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thank you very much for that information Dan.

Jack Kilyan said...

Was googling and found this, I can confirm Mr John Kilyan was the original owner of the company, naming it from his wife Maria Kilyan (Boselli). I can also confirm that they are my grandparents :)