Sunday, 1 August 2010

Nestle's milk and Milkmaid, Bath

To conclude this two-week series of painted signs from the Bath, Chippenham and Bradford-on-Avon area, here is an unusual combination of painted adverts and street name. The space was used twice by Nestlé to advertise its branded milk and its sweetened condensed milk Milkmaid.

The most recent Nestlé sign reads
Richest in Cream

The drawing in the middle is part of this advert. It looks like a rugby ball, which for Bath would be appropriate, but is in fact a simple oval in which a swiss-like flag floats. The red has faded and the white cross, with the word 'Swiss' across, has been painted black. Originally it would have looked like on this enamel sign.
Note that the painter made a slight mistake: the possessive apostrophe is after the 's' instead of the 'é'.

The earlier sign promoting a Nestlé product read:
Always Use
Brand [most certainly there, covered]
Milk [in the oval]
Largest Sale
In the World [covered]

Finally another sign proclaimed
Grocery Stores
Unfortunatey I haven't been able to find out more about these stores.

I still have a few more pictures of painted signs from Bath, but these will be for later posts...

Location: Hot Bath Street, Bath, Somerset / Picture taken on: 17/07/2010

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