Thursday, 12 August 2010

Butchers, South Harting

South Harting butchers ghost sign Here is a sign that Herbert George Wells might have seen whenever he visited and stayed with his mother, who worked as a lady's maid at Uppark, a large country house on top of the South Downs above South Harting. Unfortunately it has almost completely faded.

Traces of some letters can seen in the upper part of this sign but not enough to make much sense. The only word still fully visible is at the bottom:

A picture of the house taken c. 1955 was published in the book Petersfield. Then and Now (it is also available on the Francis Firth website). By the time it was taken the butcher's had been converted into an antique shop. The tile with the bull's head, which is still there, is clearly visible under the shop's window but with the sun straight on the façade, the painted sign is very hard to spot. Back then the entrance to the shop was on the left of the window, while the present door was only a window.

Location: The Street, South Harting, West Sussex / Picture taken on: 02/08/2009


Nutmegger Workshop said...

Love your site. Got it from Janes London ... whom I follow regularly. I'm a ghost sigh fantaic and a vintage sign maker! Check out my work ... and comment please. I'd appreciate what you think.


Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thanks Peter. I've had a look at your website. These signs you're doing are absolutely fantastic. Congratulations!
If you are interested in some of the signs I've posted so far, let me know and I could provide a larger picture.