Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hairdresser, Meissen

Some time ago, I mentioned that Meissen had a wide range of ghost signs. Still so far I've posted only one. It's about time I correct this with a wonderful example spotted in a street full of them.

Germany Meissen hairdressing salon hairdresser ghost sign
After the hairdressing salon closed, a company specialized in teaching material moved in. Originally a Kommanditgesellschaft (KG - limited company), it became during the former German Democratic Republic period a Volkseigener Betrieb (VEB - People-owned enterprise). The premises seem to have been empty since the collapse of the GDR.

Herren- u. Damen-Frisir-Salon [Men and Women Hairdressing Salon]

The part underneath was painted three times. The more recent layer reads
VEB Lehrmittel
VEB Teaching Material
It seems the two other layers were pretty similar, only with a different alignment.
... ... Krause KG
Teaching Material
... ... Krause Ltd

Toilette Artikel
Hair Care

Damen Separat
Hair Washing
for Ladies
Dolls Maintenance

The rather unusual Puppenarbeiten must be replaced in the context of the late nineteenth-early twentieth century, when dolls' hair would have been made of human hair. Given the cost of some dolls, especially porcelain ones, a visit to the hairdresser's is something some middle-class families might have considered to keep their prized possessions in a good state.

Location: Talstraße, Meissen, Sachsen / Pictures taken on: 20/12/2009

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