Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hosier and outfitter, Acton

Even when this ghost sign was in good condition, I doubt many people passing along Churchfield Road would have noticed it. It is far too high and too small to be spotted easily.

Hosier & Outfitter
According to the 1889-90 edition of Kelly's Directory, hosier Edwin Walker Garthwaite carried out his business at 21 Churchfield Road. Three years later the premises were occupied by A. Van der Vord, hosier and outfitter. Van der Vord traded at least until the outbreak of the First World War as his name appears in successive editions of Kelly's Directory. His business seem to have been successful enough for him to pay for a full page advert in the 1907 edition of the aforementioned directory (right). My guess is that this ghost sign dates from the time of A. Van der Vord.

It was quite clever of the sign writer to insert the ampersand into the roundel.

Location: Churchfield Road / Pictures taken in July 2011


Howard said...

Well spotted! I thought I might have an old postcard of this, but alas no.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Thanks Howard for searching through your archives. Maybe one day one will appear?