Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dubonnet, Bréhémont

Here are not one, not two, not three but four ghost signs for French aperitif Dubonnet. Each sign is different, keeping up with the different designs of the brand name, from the classic white on blue up to the more modern black on white with an orange stripe above and a red one below. This latter design, with the 'U' in the shape of a glass (but without the base or stem) and the inclined 'O', includes the upper part of a bottle of the aperitif to the left of the name.


Location: Avenue du 11 Novembre, Bréhémont, Indre-et-Loire / Pictures taken in May 2009


helen said...

Still have some bright colors here!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Indeed. Several reasons for this: (1) the last sign painted there is only a few decades old, (2) they used good quality paint, and (3) since this wall faces more or less east / northeast, it is relatively protected from the sun and also most of the rain. Generally speaking, the best preserved ghost signs are those that aren't exposed too much to the sun.