Friday, 17 February 2012

Kiddies Korner, Farncombe

This wall was painted twice but while Kiddies Korner is no more (a photo taken in 1964 shows part of the shop), the estate agent previously advertised here is still in business in Godalming, a couple of kilmetres away.

The most recent sign reads:
Kiddies Korner
Everything for the Baby
Baby Wear - Wool - Prams - Push Chairs - Carry Cots - Nursery Goods

As for the previous sign, it advertised:
J. Nugent
Debenham & Co Ltd
Estate Agents
Phone Godalming 2679

Location: Farncombe Street, Farncombe, Surrey / Picture taken in October 2008

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helen said...

Soemthing even older underneath!