Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hovis, Clapham

If the Hovis ghost sign posted earlier this week is well preserved, possibly thanks to the initiative of an Islington councillor (check here), it is certainly not the case of its Battersea counterpart. Yet it is still possible to decipher enough letters to reconstitute what the message was. The only part that remains incomplete is the name of the bakery.
The peculiar spelling of 'Hõvis' with the dash or tilde on the 'o' suggests this sign, like the ones in Islington, Clapham, Guildford and Tonbridge, was painted during the inter-war years (although the branches of the tree hide the dash or tilde, the 'o' is much smaller than the following letters).

Maker of

Location: Wandsworth Road / Picture taken in June 2008

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helen said...

Very light - but a great spotting. Reminds me of one I have seen here - will have to post on FB Ghost Signs soon!