Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Coachbuilder, Exmouth

As if the tree didn't make it difficult enough, this wall is a real palimpsest, with many letters covering each other. Thus it is virtually impossible to decipher these ghost signs.

One of the names on the upper part seems to have been written twice but I can only make out a couple of letters. Below are the only words I managed to identify. The first one is


Then in the middle, in dark letters with a projecting yellow shadow, is


which was written over part of an earlier sign, in black letters with a projecting red shadow, saying


(of course, as the final letters are hidden by the tree, it could be "Coachbuilding")

Finally, on the bottom line, one of the ghost signs included the word


More letters can be deciphered here and there but not enough to make out words.

Location: Exeter Road, Exmouth, Devon / Pictures taken in April 2012

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