Friday, 4 May 2012

Wellpark brewery ales, Exmouth

High above a narrow street, and almost opposite a church, this small but lovely ghost sign invited the patrons of a pub (certainly the Criterion) to sample Wellpark Brewery ales.

While some pubs of the seaside town of Exmouth in Devon offer locally brewed beers and ciders, these ales came from Glasgow, hundreds of miles away. The origins of the Wellpark Brewery go back to 1740, when Hugh and Robert Tennent opened a brewery at Drygate Bridge in Glasgow. Five decades later, as demand for their souts and ales increased, the Tennents bought William McLehose's brewery and the land surrounding it to build a larger brewery. The site was then renamed Wellpark. For more information about the Wellpark Brewery, click here.


The quality of the writing on this ghost sign is quite remarkable and it is nicely complemented by the floral decoration on the bottom right corner. To appreciate these, click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version.

Location: Tower Street, Exmouth, Devon ' Pictures taken in April 2012


helen said...

I do like the floral design!

Milady Productions said...

this is a great site! do you pinterest? i think people would love to pin every one of your pics.
i know i do!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Hi Milady. Thanks for your comment. Now I'm blushing!
No, I don't use pinterest (same for facebook or anything else for that matter), and I am not sure I'd like to see my pictures published on other websites without being told about it.

Guy Sheppard said...

The Well Park Brewery in question is in Willey's Avenue, Exeter. Taken over by Devenish in the 1930s