Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eastmans, Exeter

Since the butchery firm Eastmans Ltd had hundreds of outlets across the country, I was bound to find another of their doorstep mosaics after the one in Exmouth. Indeed a couple of days later, I noticed this one in Exeter.
The post about the Exmouth mosaic includes a couple of paragraphs about Eastmans.

Location: Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon / Picture taken in April 2012


finney said...

If this is Cowick street, Its probably no 61,Records show they were there to 1970 according to Kellys directory & after i suspect.
In 1914 they were trading from 179 Cowick street & 5 other places,
Eastmans had their own slaughtermen & i have records of their exemption from military service due to their occupation.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

This is 61 Cowick Street indeed. Thank you finney for these precisions. By the way, great pictures you posted on flickr!

finney said...

Seb have a look at my FLICKR & the water tower with the ghost sign,
You can use it if you wish.