Thursday, 11 March 2010

Car service, Clapham

Near Clapham is a series of four wonderful painted signs on what used to be a garage. They date from the first decades of the twentieth century. Each part of the wall was painted twice if not three times.

(in large letters)

(in small black letters)
Battery Charging

(in large letters)

(in small black letters)
...e. beat...

(in small pinkish letters)
... Building [?]

(in large letters)
Many Brands
Of Cars

Something else was painted in small black letters and possibly in (now) pinkish ones.

There is definitely an 'S' and a 'A' here, with something in between. Looking at lists of old car manufacturers, one that could possible fit is 'Spartan', but it seems this US car maker produced vehicles for a very short time only c 1910.

On the first sign, Essex certainly doesn't refer to the English county but rather to the Essex cars manufactured first by the Essex Motor Company (1918-1922) and then by the Hudson Motor Company (1922-1932).

Location: Landor Road / Pictures taken on: 10/10/2008

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