Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Guinness, Balham

If the new building mentioned in the previous post hid one sign, it led to the reappearance of another one. Indeed since the billboard could no longer be seen by the passing public, the ad agency it belonged to removed it and the painted sign below resurfaced. I had taken a picture of it when the block was being built but it was largely hidden by scaffoldings. At least now we have a much better view! Shame the upper part is still under that brown coat of paint.

Actually there are at least two adverts for the Irish stout. The older one included the slogan:
There's Nothing
Like A

As for the more recent sign, which ends with the classic
Is Good For you
it is a bit more problematic. Indeed in the part above, which is only partly visible, the second word is most certainly 'Guinness' but I can't make what the first word is. Four letters apparently, but I couldn't find a slogan that had a four-letter word followed by 'Guinness'. So maybe they don't go together and there are in fact three signs here...?

Location: Balham High Road / Picture taken on: 01/03/2010

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