Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gardiner's, Tooting

On Monday I was doing some research in the Wandsworth Local History Library on Lavender Hill, when I came across a picture taken on 4th November 1911, the day the memorial to King Edward VII at the junction of Tooting High Street and Mitcham Road was unveiled. Clearly visible in the background was a painted sign that has survived to this day (actually the picture is available online).

Drapery Stores
Mourning Warehouse
Dressmaking & Millinery
A Speciality
Orders Promptly Executed
At the Shortest Notice

There is another sign (maybe more) but apart from
General &
(the latter line being written across in large letters), and a few letters here and there, I can't tell what it was for. Maybe I'll come across a picture of it next time I am the Local History Library...?

Location: Tooting High Street / Picture taken on: 07/03/2008

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Wellwynder said...

Lovely to be able to see the sign in both old photograph and new. Thanks.