Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Newton, Teddington

As promised earlier, the sign on this post number 101 has been far less photographed than the Brymay one at New Cross. It is also far less eye-catching, in terms of size and colour at least, because if we consider the lettering, it is particularly artistic. The first couple of times I passed by Teddington I didn't even see it. It was only while on a bus on a rainy day that I suddenly noticed it. I made a note of it and yesterday I finally made a detour to take some pictures.
Unfortunately, as I thought, the view from the street was partly obscured by the roof of the shop next door. Therefore the only way to get a picture of the whole sign was to get onto a double-decker bus. Obviously the first three buses that came were single-deckers. Then a 281 arrived but all the seats on the front row were taken. That meant another 8 minutes to wait. In the end another 281 with free seats by the front window appeared. By then I was the first one in the queue, and while a few elderly people slowly got on, I could take my photos. The dirty window and the vibrations from the bus didn't help to take a great picture but at least it was good enough to be able to read the lower part of the sign.

This is in fact a real palimpset, with three layers at least, and putting the different texts together isn't easy.

What seems to go definitely together is:
Newton & Co

Then there is:
Open From
9. a.m. Til 8. p.m.
Day [or Bay]
Electric Lights

Maybe I should have another look later. I'll keep you posted if I manage to get something else out of this sign.

Location: Broad Street / Picture taken on: 15/03/2010

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