Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cliff's Corner, South Wimbledon

Everytime I see this shop sign, I wonder whether it will be there for much longer. It hangs above the eastern corner of a parade of shops. Most of the premises were empty for some years but some businesses moved in recently. Still, in the current economic climate, the one at the corner may remain unoccupied for a while.

It looks as if over the years this part of the building saw a succession of shops, the last one being certainly that of R. M. Walsh, whose name is visible on the street façade. Although the sign for the shop known as Cliff's Corner seems to be as old as the building itself, a close look reveals this piece of wood had already carried two signs before: "Cliff's" was painted over "Teas", and between the two lines of "Cliff's Corner", one can see "Lock up Mo...".

Although the other piece of wood over the entrance has been scraped and repainted, it is still possible to read a couple of words and distinguish some overlapping letters.

... ... Great
Gold ...

Location: Merton High Street / Pictures taken on: 14/03/2008 and 24/02/2011

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Nutmegger Workshop said...

What a great patina! Nicely spurred (barely) letterforms as well.