Saturday, 19 March 2011

Gibberd's Boots, Wimbledon

From the design of the letters, it was obvious this sign was promoting a shoemaker or seller rather than Boots the Chemist. Yet when I took this picture back in spring 2008, a plant growing on the ballustrade hid whatever else was written there. Thus I headed towards the local library, where I found a picture of the building taken in the early 20th century and showing a shop by the name of Gibberd's Boots. Could it have been that name painted up there?

Then the invading plant was cut but as the plane trees still had their leaves, I had to wait until winter to get a slightly better picture. Unfortunately it is still impossible to get the whole sign but enough of the first part emerged to confirm what I had suspected.

Gibberd's Boots

Location: The Broadway / Pictures taken on: 21/04/2008 and 24/02/2011

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