Thursday, 3 March 2011

R. Sullivan, Southwark

The business of R. Sullivan, the wardrobe dealer and maker, certainly closed decades ago but at least the eye-catching Victorian signage has been preserved by the successive owners of the premises. It definitely gives a special touch to the property!
By the way, on Monday I mentioned this series would be about shop signs painted on wood, but as you can see, this one was painted directly on stone.

The extreme right end of this sign was retouched at some point, maybe when the building was restored. Indeed the lettering is clearly not of the same quality: the thin and thick strokes aren't as differentiated as in the original parts, the last letters of 'Built' are squeezed, and the 'e' of 'Size' is far too large.

Location: Southwark Bridge Road / Pictures taken on: 20/03/2009

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