Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Golden Horn Cigarette Company, Shoreditch

The pictures below were taken before the premises reopened as a trendy men's clothing shop. Fortunately they kept the old signage for The Golden Horn Cigarette Company.

The only mention of The Golden Horn Cigarette Company I found was in a late nineteenth century (no precise date) issue of The Anglo-Indian and American Traders' Journal. It briefly said, as one could have easily guessed from the oriental name, that it imported and manufactured the best Turkish tobacco.

The letters chosen for the name, in particular the 'O', are rather unusual with their little hooks (I'm sure there is a proper term for that).

Even though there would have been enough space, the sign writer certainly thought the right end would look too cramped with 'Company' written in full, while 'Co' would have been too isolated. Hence the unusual abreviation "Comp'y."

Location: Shoreditch High Street / Pictures taken on: 16/07/2009

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