Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Vigor, Richmond

What could a Victorian shop called Vigor have been selling? If anyone has any idea, please leave your suggestions through the comments link. Somehow, even if the meaning is similar, I'd like to think it is the Latin word, "vigor, -oris", rather than the English one that is written there.

For years the shop remained empty and a thick layer of grime and dust covered this doostep mosaic. Then last year the toy and bookshop Story Explorers moved in and after much scrubbing the mosaic has now regained its colours.

Location: St Mary's Grove / Picture taken on: 06/03/2011


Catriona said...

There was a company called "Vigor," of 21 Baker Street, London, who made "Horse Action Saddles" - you can see lots of amusing examples of the stimulating machine by searching Google Images for the name and the phrase, and, not to give the game away, but it appears to have been a useful, ahem, tool for curing "hysteria," for want of a better euphemism!

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of references to a William Petter Vigor living at 9 St Mary's Grove in 1884 (although I think your door is no. 18)
Also a reference to him on a genealogy web chat site as being listed in the 1871 census residing at Mitre Villas (the Mitre pub is next door)
Don't see much else about him other than that in August 1916 a William Petter & Mary Vigor of Kingston-upon-Thames lost their son, aged 18 (also Willam Petter Vigor) in the Battle of the Somme.

Ghost Signs from Bygone Times said...

Hi Sebastian, I noticed that you were asking if anyone knew who or what the “Vigor” mosaic doorstep sign in St Mary’s Grove, Richmond referred to. I found an article in the Surrey Comet from January 1894 which tells the story of a Mr W.P. Vigor, grocery & provisions deal, St Mary’s Grove, Richmond having had his van accidentally overturned by another vehicle in George Street, Richmond. I thought this might answer your question about the origins of the sign. It would be wonderful if you could possibly make a contribution to my “ghost signs” Facebook page: “Ghost Signs From Bygone Times”?. All the best, Lucy